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  Why an export consultant could be of interest to you?

  • Your firm has sold until recently mainly in English speaking countries and would like expand its international activities, using our export consultant services in order to build up a worldwide commercial network.
  • You are already represented in several foreign markets by sales partner, but only to a certain degree or not in the optimal way, so you would now like to export in Germany.
  • You are already present and have different business partners in different international markets, but the sales are limited to certain sectors and are not optimal. You would like to now use an export consultant to find new business partners.
  • You want to expand your current international network in places where you already have made a mark, by using an export consultant.

Our related experience suggests that an export consultant is neither expensive nor difficult and can be a decisive factor in the progressive growth of a company. An export consultant is the surest path to success in increasing international business sales.