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Our business-search assistance will help you to find appropriate companies internationally for acquisition, for partnership or as suppliers.

Our business search, involves a thorough analysis and evaluation of the companies concerned, to facilitate your descision making and the future growth of your business. We also accompany you through the process of negotiating and drawing-up contracts.

Macfarlane International Business Services offers systematic and efficient business-search assistance for those wishing to acquire or invest in companies at home or overseas. Our multilingual team is ready to help you find the ideal companies for your portfolio either at home or in countries such as the UK, Australia, India, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain and the United States.

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Within the framework of our business-search service, we provide you with advice and support when acquiring or investing in a company.

From the first consultations we remain on board throughout the negotiations until the signing of the contract.

Our service includes individual consultation as well as active and systematic searching for a company for acquisition or investment.

We perform an analysis and evaluation of the company and assist with the drawing-up of contracts.