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  As service professionals in international business development, we help you build your international market presence and help develop sales networks and offices overseas, in order to develop your foreign market presence as quickly as possible. Through our international business development services you could rapidly expand at an affordable price and successfully sell your products abroad. Our international business development team here in Tübingen can efficiently and affordably assist you to expand and develop internationally.

Why our international business development services could be of interest to you?
  • Your company has only had minimal market activity abroad, and your sales department would like to inexpensively build and enter foreign markets without immediately establishing an international sales office. With help from our international business development services, you are given this opportunity to rapidly and efficiently develop your international presence before undergoing large investments in building an international sales office.
  • Your company currently has existing international business and sales partners, but they are limited to certain sectors or are not optimal, and you would like to fully develop different foreign markets and coordinate your company´s activities by using our international business development services.
In our experience, our international business development services provides the opportunity to develop your overseas market. An increasing international presence can be a crucial factor in the development of your firm. As international business development professionals, we offer this service to our clients and it is neither expensive nor complicated. Companies that are interested in increasing international sales and consolidating their foreign sales network by using successful market entry strategies should contact our international business development team. The continuous, long-term build-up and expansion of your international market activities is the surest path to success.

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